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Podcast appearances



Conference presentations

Lessons from four years with Datomic

ClojureRemote, February 2017 - direct link - slides

Immutable Data...base?

Rubyfuza, February 2014 - direct link - slides

Gain massive leverage in your tech stack with Clojure

Tech4Africa, November 2013 - direct link - slides

University of Cape Town CompSci dept, May 2013

This talk wasn't recorded - here are the slides and the gist with demo source code, for posterity.

The audience for this talk were year 1/2/3 CompSci students, being fed a regular diet of .NET and Python programming in their respective courses. I was asked to come and talk about how 'all this functional programming stuff' is different, and why they might try it on.

Cognician's new architecture with Clojure and Datomic

ScaleConf, April 2013 - direct link - slides

I was pretty nervous for this one - it was my first real public speaking adventure, and it was hundreds of people 🙈.

I still managed to excite some people, because I remember the discussion during the break afterward being quite lively!

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