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Steve Buikhuizen, a consulting client

I'm building a Clojure/Datomic based web-app and was unsure about some of my architecture choices. I decided to try out Rob's consulting offering after seeing his open source "Bridge" project. What a relief that I did.

Not only has Rob helped me avoid a lot of costly mistakes but his broad experience has helped me improve my Clojure code, feature priorities and even UX.

He is great to riff off when not sure about directions of thought. He always checks that he's providing value for the time spent, ensuring that I'm getting as much as possible.

I'll continue to use Rob as an advisor going forward without hesitation. It's saving me time and money.

Barry Kayton, Cognician founder

In 2009 we were looking for an experienced developer who could become Cognician's CTO. A freelancer who had been working on our prototype said, "You should meet Robert Stuttaford." Little did I know then how valuable those five words would prove to be. Not only did Robert meet us, and join us as CTO, but we also had a meeting of minds that has proven extraordinarily valuable to us as founders, and as consultants to our corporate clients.

Robert has an energizing and inspiring sense of life. Whether you're meeting in person or on a call, Robert has a way of bringing the best out of everyone, showing a path to order and clarity where there was previously disorder and uncertainty, highlighting signal where there was previously only noise. And if that's not enough, he's simply fun to work with.

What I like most about Robert's work is his ability to differentiate the fundamental building blocks of value in any business problem, which can then be defined in code, and combined to deliver robust software solutions to clients. Robert was able to take our abstract ideas about digital coaching and translate them into software that has been delivering value to our clients and users now for almost 10 years.

Robert doesn't just help you to think about your business/software challenges. He helps you to think about how you're thinking about them. This is a non-trivial skill and exactly what you need in a CTO or software consultant. Robert helps you structure how to think about a business/software problem, which sets you on a path to fundamentally better solutions than would otherwise be possible.

Robert has been such an effective CTO at Cognician that he's attracted a team of developers many of which have sought out the opportunity to work with us. Developers are drawn by the opportunity to learn from Robert and team, and enjoy the respectful, innovative, life-affirming culture that Robert has been instrumental in shaping at Cognician.

I highly recommend Robert as a remarkable thinker who provides exceptional value.

Patrick Kayton, Cognician founder

I was introduced to Robert in 2009, and it was probably the most fortuitous introduction of my career. My Cognician co-founder, Barry, and I were working with a programmer who was building a prototype for our software. The programmer told me that he'd run out of skill to realise our vision, but he knew a guy who could help, and that was Robert. Robert, Barry and I hit it off immediately and so began a collaboration that continues to this day.

Robert's outstanding technical prowess, as both an architect and a builder, is matched only by his extraordinary ability to communicate with everyone in the business. He doesn't simply provide the bridge between "business" and "tech", he optimises the communication by clarifying requirements on both sides, in terms that both groups understand, by making sure we know what problem we're solving, and how we're going to solve it.

This ability to cut through noise has saved Cognician from travelling down a myriad dead end technical paths. And it has frequently future-proofed us by adopting technology, and technological approaches that have had incredible longevity and efficacy.

This truly rare set of characteristics have also made him a mentor and friend to our whole team, and I consider myself privileged to work with him every day. Technical people come to Cognician to work with and for Robert, and they frequently thank him in public for how he manages them, and helps to lift their game.

If you ever have the chance to work with Robert, don't think twice, just do it.

Rich Hickey, creator of Clojure and Datomic

I am awed by this feedback, and will do my best to live up to it - thanks again, Rich!

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